Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Norse Project is ongoing!

I began a project in 2011 that I called “The Year of Living Norse”.  My goal was to spend the  year completing an authentic (as possible) Norse era outfit and accessories.

I am continuing to finish elements of my project so check through the old posts from time to time and see if and what I added.
Thanks for your interest!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well...after all it is April Fool's Day...???

Made myself at loose ends so am updating Facebook and this blog...why? 
'Cause I can I suspect!

I see I have a few more pictures I need to take and add to the progress report.
Doesn't this look inviting?
My basket of lucets and yarn for cording.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Barony of Sentinels' Keep Arts and Sciences 2012

Well, thanks to the ACC, I had a pretty complete set of entries and documentation to enter in our Spring Arts and Sciences competition.

And I am now standing as the new Baronial
Champion...(in my Purple 'Year of Living Norse' outfit)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ok...back to my original plan!

Details, details, details...
BSK's Spring A&S competition is one week from today and I just completed a list of all the little finishing things I need to do...HA!
I have been organizing my entries and figuring out how to display them...
I have also been planning recipes for my potluck dishes and just scored a pork roast for $1.49 a lb.  Now I have to find out if it is ok to use cooking wine or if I need to get 'real' wine for the broth?   (Have I mentioned that I am SO not a cook?) *Update: I scorched the millet pottage but I rocked the pork roast! 

I am still debating about what I will wear.  I am entering the Challenge outfit but the Purple 'Year of Living Norse' was to be a display only.  Then I thought I could wear it as a movable display....ooooorrrrrr I could wear something 'old' <yawn> during the day and then put on one of the outfits for dinner and court...hmmmmmm??? *Update: I wore the purple and green all day.

Bad backdrop for the green apron...need to get a better view???
Purple and blue apron panels laying at event.

BSK Spring Arts and Sciences Competition 2012

Jan 2012
When I decided to do the garb competition , I had already started my 'Year of Living Norse' project for BSK's Spring A&S competition.  However, there were a couple of things with the original project (too early start time, not completely authenticated period fabric choices, etc.) that made me decide to start from scratch for the ACC.

So now, I am returning to the original plans and getting back to business.  By March I should have two complete sets of garb to wear/display/compete with...yay!

Here it is...

I have been a member of SCA since 2005 and have been trying to learn as much as I can about period clothing and garb construction. I won our Barony’s annual Arts and Sciences competition and will spend my year as champion encouraging other members in their projects and competitions. I have been Baronial Scribal officer, MoAS, and have participated in demos and have taught some classes in scribal and textile arts.

I began a project after competing in the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition in May that I am calling “The Year of Living Norse”. My goal is to spend this year completing an authentic (as possible) Norse era outfit and accessories.
  • Layer 1 Under dress (slip/chemise) White handkerchief linen
    • Completed 
  • Layer 2 Hand Dyed Silk Tunic and Apron Dress (Wool and Linen)
    • Silk Tunic
      • Need to finish neck binding and press
      • Need to felt nalbinded trim to add to neck area
    • Linen Apron dress
      • Completed
  • Layer 3 Caftan or Semicircle cape Linen or Wool
    • Wool caftan cut out and in process
      • Decorative stitches on all seam work
      • Trim
        • Card woven
    • Plans for linen caftan
  • Layer 4 Decorative Apron Panel
    • Panel in process of decoration
      • Finishing embellishments
        • Card weaving trim
  • Accessories 
    • Leather shoes and pouch (not at this time)
    • Nalbinding Socks and trims
      • Socks need heel only
    • Woven trims/belt
    • Jewelry/embellishments
      • Jewelry is done...of course!!!

Photos of my original sketches (the colors are not quite right)