Friday, September 9, 2011

GREAT NEWS: My Apprenticeship!

I have the honor and great fortune to have been given an apprenticeship belt by Dame Annys of Pengwyrn of the Barony of Sentinel's Keep at the Whipping Winds Event in August 2011.

Dame Annys has been an inspiration to me since I joined the SCA and I have always admired her talents and expertise in the Arts and Sciences.  I was thrilled when she became a Laurel so that when she asked me to be her apprentice, I was overwhelmed!

Since we began our arrangement, she has been an awesome source of help with my research, encouragement with my projects, and a very GENEROUS patron in this Challenge project... I am blessed!

My friend Ygrainne became an apprentice to HE Juliana at our Harvest event.  Juliana apprenticed my mistress Annys so in the family...Annys is my mom and Juliana my grandmother.  Juliana is Ygrainne's mom so she and Annys are sisters and Ygrainne is my aunt...clear???  Me either!  Maybe this photo will explain how complicated this can be...