Disney Challenge 2013

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So each project begins with new research….not sure how to begin this challenge?

A Disney inspired challenge just sounded so awesome that I jumped on it right away.  Unfortunately while I may have had dreams of creating a Sleeping Beauty inspired outfit, reality reminded me that I was built more the Ursula the Sea Witch or the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. 

Someone posted pictures from another similar challenge and there were 3 lovely women dressed as the Fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty in wonderfully period outfits.  I pulled out my Sleeping Beauty ‘VHS’ tape and I instantly re-connected with the feisty little Blue Fairy.  I quickly designed 2 potential styles of garb and started to look for fabric.  Then I thought “What is a Blue Fairy godmother without her two sisters to torment?”  Adding to the fact that I had NO blue fabric in my stash and decided I needed many yards, I sadly said to goodbye to the little dear.

Since I was planning to do a Norse ‘Lady in Red’ set of garb one day and had been collecting fabric for that, I revisited The Queen of Hearts character.  I love the combo of the red and black but was still unsure on style/time period to chose.

So I followed the natural route to Google!  First I searched for Red Queen which brought up many ‘creatively’ interesting versions of ‘adult’ red queen costumes.  It did direct me to some lovely portraits of Queen Elizabeth 1st.   Definitely a possibility…except I really think Elizabethan looks too danged uncomfortable most of the time.  There were also some illuminations of women in red dresses for back up if needed.
I then changed the search again to look for ‘Medieval Red Queen’ and received a lot of the same links and photos but one that had a new twist.  There is a brand of lipstick named ‘Lipstick Queen’ with a shade called ‘Medieval Red’…go figure?     

Then I looked up Queen of Hearts and got links to the Disney movie of course but there was also a mention of The Red Queen who was a character in the book sequel ‘Through the Looking Glass’.  It was set as a mirror image of Wonderland and had a variety of different interesting characters including the Red Queen who was a chess piece.  The woodcut image of the Queen hit me as a definite possibility for garb and was not too far down the trail from the Disney Queen of Hearts version.

Ok…possible concept-Check…..fabric in stash-Check….pattern design….???

Even though I already have fabric I can use, the old Norwegian reared her head and asked how practical I was being to use good linen and wool fabric for garb I may not wear that often and I still had my sight set on the Norse ‘Lady in Red’ idea I had floating around in my head this past year.

So my plans began morphing towards my preferred time period and style of clothing.  Some of my pieces will be able to be mixed with other garb I already have. I did a quick sketch before I lost the vision.  And that is where I have been for a few weeks…time to move on!!!

July 4th, 2013

I got all my (reds) fabric out and decided to try to photograph it.  As usual, the lighting, etc. doesn’t allow for true to color, which is hard with photographing reds anyway.  I will describe the color variations as best as I can.

I have chosen a Norse styled outfit on an under dress, tunic/overdress, and apron dress.  There will be accessories such as head covering and decorative forecloth/panel…and jewelry of course!!!

Concept Sketch
Layer 1 Under dress
Hand dyed linen
This fabric looks the most authentic and was purchased from another member of BSK from her stash.  It is a slightly washed out warm red that could have been dyed with madder root .  I plan to use gores and underarm inserts so that it can have a closer fit in the upper part of the body and flare out at the bottom and will have long, closely fitted at wrist sleeves.  This piece I will sew by hand.

Variety of Reds
Layer 2 Tunic/Over dress
Linen/Cotton blend
This piece I purchased at a local fabric store.  It is dyed a deeper and cooler red color.  After I got it home, I was a bit disappointed with the color.  However, I think it will add a neat contrast to show different variations of red and feel you would be able to get this color.

I plan to make some card woven trim that will add to the Queen of Hearts theme as I may not wear this tunic for any other reason than the challenge.  Not sure I am up to designing an actual heart pattern but may make a checkerboard design that would have been from a later period than I normally recreate.

Layer 3 Apron dress
Linen blend
I believe I purchased this at a local fabric store but I know I have had it for many years.  It is a brighter red/red color and will add a contrast to the other two layers.  I am using the pattern based on .   I have sewn the first of the seams and gores on the machine but will do the embellishing and topstitching by hand.  I may be able to wear this with some of my other garb but I will always know it is not technically accurate.  I plan to make it shorter than I normally would just so it will show more of the layers underneath.  It will also have decorative stitching as embellishment.

I have a fine red wool piece left over from another project that I will make a headcovering with probably based on the Jorvik cap and will make the forecloth from this if I have time.  The forecloth will also be embellished and decorated and that is what I may not have the time to do.

I am not sure about what I can make for jewelry but at least some strings of beads to wear from my apron brooches.

And I plan a pair of boots/slippers out of a dark gray felted sweater.  Ideally, they will also be embellished in some form.  Topstitching, embroidery…?

Stack o Scraps for embellishing and trim
The Apron Panel decision!
Ok...I am not purposely trying to be sneaky but I do not have full pictures of the apron panel yet.  I did decide that is will be the 'signature' of the Disney concept so I will not probably show it in full force until I have more of the undergarments done...
I was not being too excited with my original concept which seemed too boring and safe.  I said I would do an apron panel only if I had time...then...'light bulb'!  Not only did I decide it was a necessary piece of the outfit, it was the only one I could go crazy on following the theme!
Plus it still falls under the frugal Norse anthem of not spending lots of money to produce it or using a lot of high quality fabric!  One of my original arguments for the panel was how quickly it could be produced and how you could justify using small bits of precious materials to make one.
So as I got all re-excited with my concept photo and got busy constructing and embellishing...
Unfortunately at times this flashed through my brain...
...and this...
...or this...
I finally decided it looks like the precursor to current Scandinavian embellishment...
...and then I was happy!
Since then I have almost completely finished the decorating and just need to add a backing/lining and loops to attach to my brooches......such fun!!!
Nov 1st
Essentially have finished my project...unfortunately I have not connected up with someone to photograph me wearing it (Dang Overnight Shifts!!!) so I will just add what I have.
 I made a few adjustments in my original plan...
 I am using my basic white underdress/shift instead of the red linen for a couple of reasons...

  1. I decided to save the red linen for my original "Lady in Red" plan for spring.
  2. Historically white linen was used as the shift as it would be easier to clean and bleach out after absorbing body oils and dirt from wearing next to the sky...don't waste good dye!

The neckline and wrist hems have hand top-stitching. 

I then decided to use some cotton fabric I had dyed (weld/yellow) at a workshop a few years back (and was already cut out) for the overdress/tunic.  I had made tablet woven trim for the red tunic I originally planned which looked perfectly blah on the red.  I laid it over the yellow and thought it popped out more.  I did not put side gores in since I had plenty of fabric...and it really doesn't show much under the apron dress but I did a lot of hand stitching/simple embroidery around the wrist hems and the neckline that would be viewable to others.


The pictures below of the apron dress are not too good but I embellished the front and side panels with decorative stitches of perle cotton embroidery thread that also help support the seams.  I did a running topstitch on the hem for a decorative look but it also seems to give the hem a little weight to hang better. The dress is made in a linen/cotton blend and I did a top facing of the red wool that is in the panel and also used the same wool for the straps.  I lucetted loops with wool yarn to attach the straps and the front facing together with brooches.  The top of the panel is a row of lucetted cord and loops for the brooches to go through.

Decorative stitching on the front seams of the apron dress with wool thread.

I also added a black panel of the 'weirdo' wool blend to go under the main panel to make it stand out better against the red...giving it the more 'Disneyish' look I believe.  The main panel is backed with another piece of red linen that was too small for anything else.
Close up of my string of beads made from clay with a 'special' pedant on a lucet cord of silk thread.

Coif of fine red wool with silk and perle cotton thread decorative stitches.

Nalbinded pouch made with wool yarn to match the color scheme.  There is no evidence of pouches from this time period but there are socks and mittens that were done in 'the round' and very well could have been used to make pouches that did not survive.

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  1. I am pretty close to being done! I hope to add new photos by tomorrow???