Sunday, October 30, 2011

Updates and stuff!

I have had an H of a time trying to update this blog for my October report...I have been working for a couple hours and it is soooooooo slow that I have decided to call it good for now.  I will add more photos as soon as I get a report is off tonight however.

Happy Halloween everyone!

I made this comment a week or so ago and for some reason I am signed in under a wierd thing?  So I am reprinting it in the body of the blog post...

Vigdis said:
Well, after cooking and washing dishes for an event recently, I decided apron panels would have been a very valuable piece of clothing. As I looked down at the soapy water splashed on the front of my apron dress, I realized that it would have been harder to have daily aprons that you messed up and had to wash and get ready for use quickly. Also since the garments were hand made and out of fiber that was difficult to wash, the more practical solution might have been to have the apron panel available to attach and hide the messiness underneath when needed.

I am also speculating that the panels may have been always in a state of embellishing to keep them looking at their best. A burial panel may have been highly decorated as it would have needed to cover the signs of wear and tear.

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