Sunday, January 15, 2012

Congratulations to All !!!

I am awed and inspired by the talents of all who competed and I wish I could have been there to see your work in all deserved standing ovations!

I also wish to give a standing ovation to HE Bianca for implementing this project and then single handedly helping each one of us get through it.  From reading all the blogs, her support, encouragement, and sometimes drying of tears is woven throughout the whole competition and is a huge inspiration to me in how our game is played!
Now on to the next project/s, eh?

And the results:

Greetings to all who wear garb in the great Kingdom of Artemisia.
At Uprising, I issued a Laurel's Challenge to all Artemisia. The Challenge was to create a complete outfit with accessories for under $100. Participants shared their monthly progress online, and were given the opportunity to display their pieces at Gryphon's Lair Investiture.
Fifty-Five people entered, and nineteen were able to complete the challenge. Please view the entrants information from this URL:

I would like to share the results of this challenge:
Best in Show: THL Allegreta
Best in Show Online: Lady Vigdis
King's Choice: THL Helchen the Rogue
Queen's Choice: THL Allegretza
Kingdom Champion Choice - Duchess Caryn's recognition for embroidery work: THL Allegretza
Mistress Giliana (by proxy) recognition for casting: Dame Varia
Mistress Rebecca & Mistress Giliana (by proxy) recognized all who completed the challenge

Best Novice: Lady Jane
Best Novice Online: Lady Engiline

Best Period Construction: THL Helchen the Rogue (another novice seamstress!)
Best Period Design: Lady Vigdis
Best Documentation: Lady Praksdesys

Great ambition was required to enter the challenge. Perseverance, dedication and commitment helped these artists create fabulous works of art. Tremendous creativity was demonstrated - who would have guessed that cooking or horticulture was part of garb-making? These clever artists showed us how. I am greatly honored that so many people took up this challenge, and that so many people have been inspired to do more to complete their wardrobe.

Thank you to everyone who entered, to everyone who helped with the process, to everyone who recognized these talented artists, to THL Jean-Richard for making the Best in Show medallion, to those who helped rank the entrants, and to my husband for tolerating my insanity in issuing such a challenge.

In Service,
Bianca da Ravenna, OL

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