Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Update Mar 2012
I haven't progresses much on the 'red shoes' except to buy sinew and thread to sew when I finally get brave enough to cut them out...
However, I am working on the second pair of gillies and will have them completed by the time I need to wear shoes again.
I had to get creative with the lacing since I cut the pieces a little too big for my feet.
Looks better with a sock in it

Update Feb 2012
Final pattern???

Update Jan 2012  I have been working on the pattern of my shoes based on the drawing below.

Mock-up in red flannel for final fitting adjustments

Update Nov 2011...This may be the only regret I might have.  My mistress HE Annys gifted me with the yummiest red leather to make shoes...and I may not have time to finish them before the challenge is over...but I will as soon after as I can.
She also lent me a couple of books on historical footwear and I have looked over a couple of the shoes that my friend Ygrainne's husband made.  I feel excited and look forward to my red shoes!!!

I finally purchased the yarn that I wanted to make my nalbinded shoe liners/socks.  I waited until I had double coupons at JoAnns...I am a cheap Norwegian ya know!  It is a soft finer wool (in a pretty heathery shade of tan) than I usually use and not all lumpy and bumpy like my hand spun stuff.  It will feel good against the skin of my feet.  I did start working on the socks in my spare time when I am unable to work on the garb pieces.  Nalbinding is a wonderful fill in hobby that I can take anywhere.

My 'Precioussss' needle made by friend Ygrainne's husband Bjorn.
One sock is finished...
I will put a row of red stitching around the ankle like the York 'shoe liner' find.

Took off the red stitching on the sock and added two rows of buttonhole stitching to the ankle.  When I get the other sock caught up to this point, I will add the red back...I think?

The pouch I had cut out before the red leather came into my life.  Pouches like this could be made of poorer quality leather as they were probably worn underneath the clothing.

I have made some accessories with fiber but I have now cut out a simple pouch of some scrap leather I had.  In the article below I read that having a pouch such as this out of poorer quality leather was common.  They were not worn on the outer layers of clothing so it would be wasteful to use good quality materials.  I look at a pouch like this as a substitute for a modern pocket.

Layout of new beads

The finished strands

As much fun as this looks, the technique is basically stringing.  I do have plans to make some fabricated and pewter pieces…hopefully in the near future.  Amber, jet, and silver beads have been found in many areas and gold and silver charms and trinkets have been discovered.  Glass bead kilns were common and glass and ceramic beads were numerous.  There is evidence that many of these beads were probably brought back from trading expeditions and one would wear their wealth in this way.

The glass beads are based on Viking age bead replicas and produced in relatively in period methods. I have added glass millefori styled beads, ceramic beads, amber and silver beads and have filled in with a few semi precious stone beads. 
Top strand: The Viking ship silver and amber charm was also a gift from Annys. The two glass beads are either side were made in an authenic technique using a period kiln. One of the beads is also blue and yellow and I am using it to signify the colors of our Barony. The other is just a delightful little bead and it makes me smile!
Middle strand: Middle bead was given to me by my laurel Dame is green with blue swirls as I picked blue and green as my personal colors.
The two glass beads on either side of that middle bead are blue and yellow (ie gold) which were given to me by Annys as they are her colors and represent our apprenticeship agreement.
Bottom strand: Thor's Hammer amulets where not as prevalent in female burials but there are a few records of some being found.
August 2011...I did take a couple days out from sewing to work on some jewelry that I plan as part of my accessories.
I am inserting the photos nows and will go back and add the information when I have my notes again.

Carnellian, amber and bone Maple Leaf necklace.

Russian Amber (the milky looking stuff) and chunks necklace.

Various other amber and silver pieces.

Silver broach beads.
After looking at this, I think I will add another strand of beads or a chain.

Caftan to be...

Side panels pinned to body of coat.

More coat progress!

and hat in process to wear with it.

Hat update...ready to decrease over top of head.
I love how the spiral circles around itself.

The braid is tacked down and the hat is officially done...I started a mitten to match!

Mitten start...

...up to thumb...
...thumb being attached to slit...
Both mittens completed!  Yippee!

Decorative stitching on thumb is also for added support.

The completed set...just in time for NEXT winter!!!

Icelandic fleece and the spindle I used to make the yarn
in some of the embellishments on the apron panel.


  1. Thanks so much...I really do love the pretties!!!
    I am sure enjoying everyone's projects!
    Thanks for coming up with this challenge, it sure has made me get my
    stuff together!