Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Updated Challenge Entry

Outfit in Progress for Challenge:
  • Layer 1 Under dress (smock/slip/chemise) Ivory European linen
    • Hand sewn seams and topstitching
      • Progress-Sleeves attached to body
      • Progress-Began underarm gussets 
  • Layer 2 Linen Tunic / Over dress
      • Progress-Outfit cut out
    • Hand sewn seams and topstitching
    • Tunic will have silk banding and decorative topstitching
  • Layer 3 Apron Dress-Wool
    • Hand sewn seams and topstitching
      • Progress-Began side gore inserts 
    • Apron Dress will have decorative stitching on seam and facings Layer
  • Decorative Apron Panel-Wool with linen backing
    • Panel in process of decoration
      • Progress-Trim and embroidered pieces attached to panel
      • Progress-Making trims with lucet and nalbinding techniques 
  • Additional accessories to include:
    • Leather shoes and pouch
    • Nalbinding Socks and trims
    • Woven trims and maybe a belt
    • Jewelry/appropriate embellishments
  • Option-I may consider the tunic and apron dress as one layer because they really work better when you have both and then my outer layer will be a caftan or cape.
I am continuing the other outfit for the Year of Living Norse project for my Barony's Spring Arts and Sciences event.  Some of the components may overlap but for right now thay are seperate entities.

Some photos will be added to Facebook this weekend and then I will link them here.

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